We control entire manufacturing process, from the importation of wet blue rawhides、 tanning、dyeing、to the straight cutting of final products. We believe top-quality leather laces must stick to the following requirements.

Selection of top-grade rawhides and their origins

All of our rawhides are wet blue cowhides imported from the United States and the United Kingdom. We insist on choosing only the AAA-graded or above Full Grain rawhides for production. A piece of rawhide must average at least 36 kgs and 52-55 feet per square. All are machine flayed with immaculate surfaces、free from branding marks or cuts. Based on the thickness required by you, we select the right thickness for dyeing to achieve good natural strength.

Unique Tanning and Dyeing Techniques

Our rawhides are chrome tanned in large drums first. Then, our unique dyeing method gives finished laces excellent color saturation 、stable pliability、color fastness and softness that allows easy tying, achieving the most desirable endurability and crocking resistance.

There are two ways of drum dyeing aniline leather.

Dye through:

The dye penetrates the grain side into the inner layer to achieve the same color on all sides.

Twice dye:

The top and bottom sides are dyed in one color only after the middle part is dyed thoroughly in another color.

Spraying top and bottom surfaces

Different areas of a natural rawhide, such as shoulders、 belly and heads, tend to absorb dyes differently, resulting in vastly inconsistent hues. At Chen Tong, after we drum dye our leather with aniline and put to dry, we spray its top and bottom surfaces for color consistency to meet your demands.